Today and tomorrow, the last days of July are still opportunities to participate in this month’s tea raffle. In Sunday’s Weekly Digest we will announce July’s winners and August’s new tea business donors with four new prizes. All Weekly Digest subscribers are eligible but additional actions on social media can increase your chances of winning. (See details below)

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1. Subscribe to the Tea Sippers Weekly  Digest

All subscribers are automatically entered to win. And, as a subscriber, you will be automatically entered to win in every monthly raffle.

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 2. Open at least one of the Tea Sippers Weekly Digests

Opening the email and reading reading one of the five T Ching articles and/or downloading the tea activity are factors that the software uses to give you additional entries for the monthly drawing.


3. Visit and follow us on Instagram

This is another way to add to the number of times your name is entered into the contest drawing.


4. Tweet or ReTweet one or more of the monthly articles

You can share information about T Ching or any of the tea prize donors.


5. Visit the T Ching Facebook page

There is no action required for this one yet but we would love to have you “like” us or share a post and introduce your tea-loving friends to T Ching and the Tea Sippers Society.


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On behalf of all subscribers, T Ching wants to express appreciation for the generous donation of their tea gifts. And congratulations to each month’s winners.