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In Part One of this two-part post, I discussed the importance of ditching the plastic bottle and giving yourself a better choice of water for your tea. I’d like to go even deeper—or maybe more FAR OUT—in this section. I will be asking you to open and stretch your minds, to elevate your consciousness to even wider possibilities!

In Part One I neglected to tell you what kind of water is best for tea. Now you might realize why that omission occurred! I’m going to show you how to MAKE your perfect water! Yes, you heard me right!

I have always found that spring water straight from the source is the best for yielding extraordinary, complex flavor profiles in your tea; but unless you live near a spring and can get it at the source, it’s often difficult to get the real deal. Once the bottle of spring water arrives at your grocery store, it has virtually no life force remaining.

In my latest quest for good water while traveling through Ecuador (and becoming desperate!) I recalled a conversation I had with David Wolfe. At the Longevity Conference, he told a group of us to swing our water to activate it. Did he mean to wind it up like a javelin?? The health guru’s justification was to create a vortex in the water and therefore activate it with life force. I did this for about 3 days until my arm nearly fell off and then I gave up – thinking it was just another fad.

That recollection led me online where I discovered an incredibly sophisticated yet simple solution for making full-spectrum structured water as close to nature as you can get! Read on to reveal my secret…

First, what is full-spectrum structured water?

Simply put, it is water that has amplified frequency bands that are as close to newly-birthed water straight from the earth’s core. Did you know that water is actually birthed? It starts deep in the core where a liquid crystalline structure is created by circulating around the magnetic fields of the earth. When it is ready and loaded up with balanced minerals and life force by movement through vortices, it bubbles up to the surface where it is kissed with sunlight and nature’s vibrations or frequencies. This is full-spectrum structured water. This water is peak-performance creative water oozing with life force to sustain all living things. Sadly, the water on the surface of our earth today has been depleted in nutrients and life force because it has been recycled so many times and is too weak to have any energetic integrity.

FLASKA tea cup

FLASKA tea cup

The earth has a frequency of 7.8 Hz: a frequency band that harmonizes with life. In other words, nature’s blessed water as the Universe intended. But how do you get water from Mother Earth when no source is near you? 

By restructuring it using crystals, minerals, earthenware, glass and other elements to “tune” water to this frequency.

The ideal water we are aiming for has the energy of life and this goes a long way to providing flavor for your tea. Back to David Wolfe…the technique he revealed to us using movement, is a way of creating vortices in the water and when you do this, it creates energy in the water. So he was right but only part way there.

When you create a vortex in the water with movement, it attracts to it more energy. But then you need to allow the water to remain still so the molecules can be stabilized and develop a hydrogen-bonded network. Nerdy-ness aside, this gives water the smooth creamy texture of full-spectrum living water.

Row of all three FLASKA bottles

Author’s test of water using a FLASKA bottle and two others

Another way to structure your water is with crystals. According to Dr. Rustum Roy in his 2005 literature review on the structure of water, crystals transfer the structural information or pattern from the surface of the crystal to the water or to any liquid. He coined the term epitaxy and in laymen’s language, this is how water or liquid can mimic a pattern and how patterns in crystals bring structure to water.

It’s easy to do by simply placing a crystal in or next to water in a glass or clay vessel. Quartz, especially enhydro (remember it as hydro) quartz, is super efficient in structuring water because it contains the remnant of ancient water inside the crystal so it has a strong pattern or template to imprint onto the water. You can see this in tiny air bubbles the quartz contain – these were formed when the water contracted inside the crystal so long ago. Certainly other crystals are good too. I suggest reading Dancing with Water – the New Science of Water by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans to explore more options including sound vibrations, orgonite plates, and the tensor ring to name a few options for structuring your water.

When I was writing Part One, I came across a fascinating company in Slovenia that manufactures water structuring bottles as well as a special tea cup. The Dr. Masaru Emoto lab in Japan (reference Part One, Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto) tested the bottles and confirmed not only that the FLASKA bottle changes the water into full-spectrum structured water but that the bottles hold the frequency for up to four years using the same bottle, when kept away from the microwave and other harsh electromagnetic fields.

So how does the FLASKA bottle work?!

Using TPS technology (technology of programming silicon), the handmade crystal bottles and tea cups are programmed with vibratory information garnered from nature which is imprinted into the glass. When water comes into contact with the glass programmed with this technology, the information is transferred into the water and the structure of the water changes. This process starts the moment the water touches the glass but is best left for 5 minutes to achieve the full effect.

I must admit to being slightly skeptical that I could tell the difference so I did a test. I used three bottles, the VODAN FLASKA 1 liter jug; a Hario Filter-in glass cold brew bottle; and my Spiritually Bold crystal bottle. I filled each with water from my refrigerator filtering system and waited for 10 minutes just to be sure!

Well, what do you know! The water in the FLASKA tasted sweeter than all the rest and leagues above straight water out of the fridge filter! It seemed to have more body than the other two glass containers. Honestly, I could not believe it!

Then I tested it using the FLASKA tea cup which even changes the structure using hot water. The tea was vibrant and full of personality. I’m now sold on this and any water that comes into my house, including Sedona spring water bottled in glass (my closest natural spring) gets put into the FLASKA, just in case. 

To tempt fate, I tried the same test with plain tap water; and yet again, it was sweet with no chemical hint whatsoever. I won’t get into the habit of using tap water, but at least I know it’s okay for traveling when that’s the only water I have to use.

Not only does the FLASKA system structure the water but it has been proven to neutralize contaminants so if you have to make tea and tap water is all you have, consider it acceptable. 

The inventor of FLASKA, Maks Vrečko, was a strawberry farmer that did an experiment: He watered half of his crops with regular water and the other with structured water. He knew the technology for structured water had been in existence for more than 80 years thanks to Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the pioneer of it.

At first harvest, Maks’ results were astounding! The structured-watered berries yielded firmer fruit with a longer shelf-life and the crop had 18% more fruit! Over time, the plants became more robust with less disease. After years of research into how to get the technology into glass, FLASKA was finally born. 

Because water is the main ingredient for tea, using the best you can find or “make” will be a game changer!

On behalf of T-Ching readers, I contacted FLASKA to see if they would provide a discount to you and they said yes! I have no affiliation with FLASKA other than being an enthusiastic user. Head over to the FLASKA website and use code TCHING at checkout.

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