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Detoxification means getting rid of your body’s toxic substances. The practice has achieved popularity, and it has given the world of health and nutrition a different direction. Moreover, many people have begun to take a deep interest in improving a person’s overall health and well-being. While going through the detoxification process, drinking herbal tea has proven to be very beneficial. Sipping herbal tea can help nourish your liver, which aids in the elimination of toxins from the body. Moreover, it also supports the body and skin in the cleansing process. Detoxification also helps with weight loss, healthy kidneys, and drug and alcohol detox.

But people might wonder whether this detox method can work or whether this method can be safe. There is minimal research on the ingredients often found in detox teas and whether they can benefit a healthy person; and herbal teas contain a combination of two or more natural ingredients. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of drinking herbal tea during a natural detox. We will also learn five varieties of herbal teas that will keep your body hydrated.

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Teas

There are various benefits of drinking herbal tea during natural detox that will help to support and enhance the detoxification process.

Removes Toxins

The antioxidants in most varieties of herbal tea are thought to help flush the body’s toxins such as those caused by caffeine, food additives, smoke, alcohol, drugs, and other environmental factors.

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Helps in Digestion

All herbal teas taste great, but the herbs used in these teas are thought to help boost the body’s digestive system and help to eliminate the damaging toxins.

Suppresses Appetite

Observing a natural, nutrient-based diet and hydrating by drinking premium teas can help curb the urge to indulge in less healthy and over-processed foods.

Energizes the Body

The small amount of caffeine in tea is known for giving the body a gentle boost without the harsh buzz that other caffeinated beverages often bring. It is perfect if you need a little boost during your natural detox.

Hydrates the Body

Like water, herbal tea has many additional benefits: Drinking tea helps rehydrate the body and keep it operating efficiently.

Herbs That Can Be Used to Make Detox Tea

The following herbs can be used as herbal ingredients which can be found in detox teas.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle herb has been used as a liver tonic for centuries; it is among the most common herbs used for liver disease, with seeds rich in an antioxidant known as silymarin. Milk thistle can protect the liver from the toxic effects of certain substances. Unfortunately, there is a lack of clinical studies examining the impact of milk thistle used for general detoxification in healthy people.


Burdock is a plant root that is sometimes eaten as food; it may also help protect liver cells from alcohol. The herb is rich in inulin and sesquiterpene lactones. Introductory studies with animals suggest that burdock’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities can also help protect the liver.


Some studies suggest that the dandelion herb may have the ability to provoke bile flow, a substance that helps to transport toxins away from the liver to be discharged by the body. Moreover, the tests done on animals indicate that the herb can protect against liver damage caused by environmental toxins. Dandelion is said to act as a diuretic, increasing the output of urine. The dandelion herb can also be eaten as a salad, while the roasted root is used as a substitute for coffee.


Studies have shown that artichokes contain luteolin, chlorogenic acid, and antioxidant substances that increase bile flow. Artichoke is also known to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Most people turn to senna to cleanse their entire system and encourage weight loss. The herb contains elements called anthraquinones, which are powerful laxatives. However, numerous studies have suggested that senna may help to alleviate constipation. But there are concerns that excessive intake of senna can lead to diarrhea and some severe health issues such as heart function disorder and liver damage.

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