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Drinking a good-tasting green tea is great for our mind and body. We surely do not want to drink a cloud of bitter tea dust or a too-soaked tea bag in a cup! Experience the calm environment of tea-time by knowing how to make the most out of your tea leaves; plus the best thermometers for your tea on Amazon.

How Much Green Tea and How Hot Should It Be?

First, don’t use boiling water, because it’s too hot to drink and your tea might end up with a bitter or burnt-leaf taste. After boiling water, let it cool until it reaches the proper water temperature.

We must determine the suitable water-to-tea-leaves ratio by knowing how much water your teapot can hold. When measuring tea leaves, it is best to do it in grams instead of teaspoons because there are different types of Japanese green tea leaves, and they are in different shapes and sizes – unless the tea leaves you bought have instructions. In most teas, there must be 2 grams of leaves for every 6 ounces of hot water. If you do not have a food scale, measure out 1-2 teaspoons of green tea, add hot water, and taste the green tea to your liking.

The usual water temperature for green tea is 160°F to 176°F or 72 °C to 80°C, but for other Japanese green teas, here are their standard serving size and temperature to enjoy them:


8 grams or 3 teaspoons – 250ml water (the usual single-cup serving) – 122 to 140°F – 2 to 3 minute steeping time.


4 grams or 2 teaspoons – 250ml water –  194°F to 196°F – 30-second steeping time in a kyusu pot or any small teapot.

How Long Do We Have to Steep It in General?

For every 2 grams of tea leaves in a small teapot, the steeping time is 1 to 3 minutes.

For a complete guide on how you can make your Japanese green tea taste better, please see this popular article on the Japanese Green Tea blog.

Recommended Tea Thermometers

It’s now easy to determine the proper water temperature for green tea. Here are our most recommended tea thermometer finds you can choose from.

(By the way, these thermometers are not ranked according to the best or the most recommended; all of these have different features based on your preferences since—in the end—all you need is to measure the water temperature without changing thermometers often.)

Frienda 3-Piece Thermometer Set

This set is perfect for small café owners. Three thermometers in one package. These can even work as a meat thermometer too when you have to multitask. The calibration sleeves can act as handle extensions when dipping the thermometer into your hot water or drink. Each thermometer dial is 1 inch across, while the probe is 5 inches long. (See on Amazon.)

Chefbar Tea Kettle

This is a hassle-free kettle where you can immediately know the temperature and pour the hot water directly on your teapot or teacup. Why teacup? It is because the gooseneck spout will make the water not splatter or spill everywhere when carefully pouring water over your favorite pyramid-shaped Japanese green tea bag. (See on Amazon.)

Pukomc Electric Water Kettle

If you love interior design, this water kettle with a built-in thermometer serves both aesthetics and function—it’s a beautiful-looking kettle with auto-shut-off and overheating protection. Whether you like the classic or modern style, your tea time will be cozy with this white kettle. (See on Amazon.)

Powlaken Instant Thermometer

No more waiting and doing the guesswork. In just 2-3 seconds, you can read accurate water temperatures. You can see the display clearly because of the large LCD screen and the backlight. There is no need to look at every temperature because you can set the alarm for when the thermometer reaches the right tea temperature. (See on Amazon.)

CDN IRB220-F-6.5 ProAccurate Thermometer

CDN ProAccurate thermometers are trusted by many, and this model is a hit since it is shatterproof and a great frothing assistant tool when you want a Japanese green tea with milk: Like the ones you drink in cafés. It reads the water temperature accurately because it is slowly going up or down when dipped or taken out of the beverage. (See on Amazon.)

Soulhand Kettle with Thermometer

With its unique, curved gooseneck, tea-drinking will not be a disaster. The black color and wooden handle make the kettle suit well with the Zen garden ambiance. Just a reminder! This kettle only works on electric, halogen, and radiant stovetops. It is not suitable for gas or induction stovetops. Nevertheless, this stylish kettle with a thermometer and built-in vent is a great companion for a quick Japanese green tea drinking time. (See on Amazon.)

TQUS Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer

A stylish kettle also suitable for the Zen garden aesthetic, the TQUS kettle can be a good teapot since loose leaves can fit inside. It is a must-have for Japanese green tea enthusiasts trying a modern thermometer kettle in a traditional green tea ceremony. (See on Amazon.)

COSORI Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

This kettle does not have a thermometer dial or gauge, but it will never burn your green tea because it has temperature functions. Put in the green tea leaves, and this kettle will beep 3x when it reaches the right tea temperature. It not only heats your water or tea quickly, but can also keep your drink warm for up to one hour thanks to the “warm” function. (See on Amazon.)

LISM Retro Tea Kettle

This one will make green tea drinking enjoyable for tea lovers who do not want to ruin their retro-inspired setup. It boils fast and can display real-time temperature. You can turn off the switch when it reaches the right green tea temperature. (See on Amazon.)

InstaTrack Kitchen Thermometer

Some tea lovers are already happy using essential kitchen tools, and this simple-yet-instant thermometer can do its job well. You do not have to wait to watch for your desired water temperature. The display is easy to read, and the “hold” button makes the reading not disappear when taken out of the teacup. (See on Amazon.)


The quick—and at the same time, best—Japanese loose-leaf green-tea-drinking experience in your home does not have to be too complicated. All you need to know are the right leaves, water, and temperature; after that, you can simply enjoy the fast and best of your green tea.

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