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Over the past few years, the number of Americans who follow a vegan diet has increased drastically. Today, nearly 9.4 million people in the USA embrace a plant-based diet, compared with approximately 290,000 back in 2004. Despite all the health benefits that changing to a plant-based diet might have in store for you, giving up animal-derived food items may not always be easy. Thankfully, tea lovers can still enjoy their favorite beverages as part of a plant-based diet. In fact, tea can become a great contributor to the overall health and wellbeing of someone on a plant-based diet.

Change Can Be Very Good

Changing to a plant-based diet, for whatever reason, may turn out to be of great benefit to you. Plant-derived proteins are not only delicious, but boast a host of health benefits as well. Not only can they boost your weight-loss efforts and promote a healthy gut, a plant-based diet also reduces the risk of cardiac disease while strengthening the immune system. Thanks to its own health-boosting benefits, green tea in particular can be a very valuable component of a plant-based diet. If you have become accustomed to drinking your tea with milk, don’t despair – as there are many ways to enjoy your tea without adding dairy to it.

Tea in Plant-Based Diet - Tea steeping in a press, next to glass of tea with ice.

Experiment With Various Vegan Options

If you can’t bear the thought of drinking your tea without milk, consider experimenting with a range of vegan options. Soya milk is readily available and budget-friendly, and is one of the most popular dairy replacements available. Almond milk is also a popular choice among tea lovers, and also has the added benefit of being particularly low in calories. If you aren’t a fan of the rather distinctive taste of almond milk, oat milk might be the right option for you. Not only does it boast a very subtle flavor, but the risk of it curdling is also very low.

Many Teas Taste Better Without Milk Anyway

If you have not taken a liking to any of the dairy milk alternatives, you can always drink your tea the way many tea lovers believe it was intended to be enjoyed – black. Although any tea can be enjoyed without milk, there are some that actually taste better this way. A zesty Earl Grey is great to enjoy with breakfast, while oolong is an all-day favorite. Fruit teas are delicious both hot and cold, but be wary of brands that are honey-flavored, as honey is not considered vegan. After a long, tiring day, consider sipping on a cup of straight chamomile tea that can help you drift off to sleep peacefully.

Following a plant-based diet can be great for your health, and tea can complement it beautifully. Thankfully, tea can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle, and is not only enjoyable, but healthy as well.

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