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Bees spend their entire lifetime making honey, and each bee will only be able to produce about 1/12 a teaspoon in that lifetime. It’s hard work for the scout bees to travel miles to find nectar and then take it back to the hive in their ‘honey stomach,’ pass it to worker bees who turn it into honey; while the Queen produces offspring her entire life. It’s an amazing culture, from the shape of the honeycomb cells (which architects admire) to the precision with which each member of the bee colony does their job.

The honeybee population has been decimated by a number of factors, including pesticides. However, hundreds of thousands of small beekeepers are working to help restore their populations.

Why are bees so important? About one-third of our food supply is depending on their efforts in pollination. It’s a good idea to grow plants in your yard that will attract honeybees to do our own little part. They love plants like lavender, roses, jasmine, oranges, avocados, sage, many! It’s easy to attract them and some gardeners enjoy putting a bee box or two in their own yards and gathering some honey as a benefit!

Honey may be the oldest known sweetener, and virtually lasts ‘forever.’ It has been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs and still edible. Honey that has crystallized can simply be melted back to its liquid state. Local honey has been said to help with allergies common to the area in which the bees gathered it. Local honey sellers offer raw honey that reflects the local crops/fruits in the area.

A basic rule of thumb with tea and honey is: Light tea/light honey, dark tea/dark honey. Darker honey tends to overpower white and green tea so sage, buckwheat, and other darker honey should be used in black teas like Assam or Yunnan, while light honey like wildflower or orange blossom complement white and green tea.

You can find the delicious Orange Blossom tea from the video here.

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