This coming weekend will bring with it an interesting little holiday from Japan called White Day. Celebrated on March 14th, it is a reciprocity day for Valentine’s: Exactly one month later. Girls or women give chocolate to friends and potential partners on Valentine’s; so on White Day, the recipients give a gift back. With that inspiration in mind, here are some articles from our archives about white tea.

Two Styles of White Tea

By Tiffany Williams
I hated my first white tea experience. It was a Lipton white tea blend in a tea bag and it put me off of white tea for years. Then I had real white tea: Silver Needle. Made with tea buds, Sliver Needle tea brews a rich delicate liquid with notes of fruit and honey – truly a robust flavor for a delicate light-colored tea. I fell in love with Silver Needle…(read more)

An Uphill Battle Remains in Cultivating a Taste For White Tea

By Susana Mojica
What is your favorite tea? This is a question whose answer for many varies by season, time of day, and reason for drinking it. For me, it’s remained pretty consistent for the last four years – Silver Needle. It seems people either really like white tea, have never tried it, or say…(read more)

Three Years Medicine: Aged White Tea

By So Han Fan
Every so often, people asked me what my favorite kind of tea was. While I do find that most people gravitate towards a particular type of tea, my honest answer was always “I don’t have a favorite, I like all different kinds of tea.” If I was feeling exceptionally honest I would add, “. . . except for white tea. I don’t really like white tea.” …(read more)

T Ching Classics: White Day, White Tea - Photo of white teapot with heart-shaped top

The Visible Effects of White Tea

By Kelley Gold
Eighty percent of our skin’s weight is from collagen, the protein that keeps our skin in shape from the inside out. Beauty products have targeted this large population of proteins for a reason – its degeneration is behind the feared wrinkles and softening of the skin’s natural elasticity. But instead of applying facial creams or getting injections, why not drink a cup of white tea? …(read more)

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