If you’ve never considered the romance of tea and the romantic possibilities that are possible, we’ve gathered some suggestions for creating your own romantic teatime, some tea recommendations and some gift sets that you can send to express your love in an elegant way. Delight the senses to be sensual!

Romance Your Senses With Tea

For Valentine’s Day, why not enjoy a tea flight with your loved one? There will be teas that you both like, and teas that you have different tastes in. It’s fun to explore each other’s tastes and keep a record of them!

LILIKU TEA’s Sencha Tea Flight Gift Box Set includes five different varieties of sencha and a beautiful washi paper notebook. 

Akiko Ono, Liliku Tea

What does your tea reveal about  your “romantic” personality?

by Leonard Nima, Ruby Lion Tea 

  • Straight black teafor the lover that doesn’t mess around and gets straight to business.
  • Straight green tea for pairing with heavy foods to balance out a meal and seal the deal for your food-inclined lover 
  • Floral tea (chamomile, lavender, rose) – for the textbook romantic with a flair for the dramatic
  • Chai for the passionate  hot-blooded lover
  • Oolongfor the balanced, intellectual lover with a general appreciation for tea
  • Pu’erhfor the bold types, who aren’t afraid of something different
  • Hojicha/Senchafor the ones who spend 20 minutes in the restroom with their phone due to indigestion, or those who love the savory, rice-like taste
  • Straight white tea for the delicate lover, who can find the tiniest of details in everything
  • Blends of any kindfor the lover who appreciates a thematic approach, or for pairing with food on purpose (as a variation of straight green tea)

Romantic Tearooms

They were quirky, but you could tell they genuinely loved each other and were a good fit. They used to bring friends and Annabelle actually brought her father one time. They wanted to have their wedding at my place and if I was open I would have.  I still talk with Matthew and he sent me pictures of their wedding and keeps me updated about their lives, since my place was closed by the time they actually got married. Maybe not earth shattering, but they did come in during my Valentine’s Day to celebrate and I genuinely enjoyed seeing them as they enjoyed my place.
Jennifer Nowicki, Cultivate Taste

The first time I experienced tea as romantic was on my honeymoon in Germany. My husband and I stopped in a small cafe and I ordered tea. Far from the tepid water and tasteless teabag, I was served a simple but elegant porcelain teacup and saucer and tea from a matching white teapot on a wooden tray. The waiter spent that exra moment to arrange the tray, the sugar, milk, lemon and spoon.  My husband noticed my delight and often repeated this simple tea service for me.

Babette Donaldson, T Ching

Sharing a Romantic Tea

The gesture of preparing a bowl of matcha is a sign of deep respect. Sharing a bowl of frothed matcha is the most romantic tea I can think of. It’s simple, healthy, pure, ceremonial, and intimate. 

Maria Uspenski, The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot’s Matcha Gift Set

Date Night Tea

Light some candles, snuggle up in your comfiest blankets, and serve tea in bed or on the couch. Pair your tea with fruits and chocolate — strawberries and white chocolate with Noble Blend green tea or oranges and milk chocolate with Mindful Morning Earl Grey tea — or make it breakfast in bed with waffles and baked eggs. Don’t forget the flowers! Make some Cuddletime chamomile to cuddle and watch a movie, listen to music, or play a question and answer game that helps you learn new things about each other.

Ciaran J. Keast, Plum Deluxe

A Suggestion for a “Roman-tea-ique” Night


Imagine this: It’s Valentine’s day, and the atmosphere is dimmed, warm lights in your cozy space, just chilly enough outside where you find yourself yearning to turn on the heater a little higher than usual. There’s love in the air, and being someone who wants to be attentive to all the details, you want to impress and nail the mood.

The apple of your eye will be here in 20 minutes, and with your heart aflutter, set out to hit all the senses. Surfaces are dusted and clean of clutter, dinnerware is aligned and straightened, silverware giving off a faint glow. You light a candle at the far end of the room, making sure the scent fills the area with something not too strong while working its way to the front. You ponder if a rose petal trail might be a bit too obvious, and decide against it, saving it for a cliche bubble bath or invitation to the bed room. Your cheeks turn flush at the thought, and turn your attention to yourself for a moment.

Some last minute adjustments, whether it’s your hair, a perfume/cologne, a (purposefully) mis-buttoned section of your shirt to reveal a little more, or just correcting your posture, would work wonders for when the door opens and eyes finally meet.

There’s still something missing though. Food is warm and ready, ready to win their heart through their stomach, but there’s nothing to drink! Frantically, you search the shelves for something.

Coffee? This isn’t a meeting in a cafe. Plain water? Come on, you can do better. You don’t even glance at the sodas or gatorade that’s been in the fridge since who-knows-when, but remember you had a tin or bag of something sitting in the cabinet…

Pushing aside the other items, you feel the fragile china with the tips of your fingers, one by one: a saucer, a cup, a pot, a spoon. With a quick wipe down, the tea set becomes the perfect centerpiece for the table to warm up and ease into the night’s festivities.

The kettle is hot, and with only minutes left, it’s now or never to choose the tea. Now, you know your mate best, and out of the choices you have, you pick the one you remember they drank last time they had visited. Carefully preparing it, while making sure to include all the fixings of cream, sugar and finger food sweets, the scene is set. And as if on cue, there’s a knock at the door.

“Thanks for coming – I’ve made some tea, would you like to join me?”. They graciously accept, take off their sweater and begin to take a seat. As you pour with eyes locked, never even asking how they take their tea as a sign of confidence, you begin to put them into a spell. Stresses from the day begin to melt away between you both as you begin to drink, and the change in your voice down to the way you swirl your cup becomes provocative enough that they begin to notice what’s going on. Because it wasn’t just about the tea, but the body language and chemistry of being in such close proximity to each other.

As the last drop of tea drips from the pot, you’ve both forgotten all about dinner, having enjoyed each other’s company so much, that maybe it was alright to leave the food in the oven a bit longer. Regretting you never put the trail of rose petals, you settle for somewhere else to get real close, and the rest is…well, history.

by Leonard Nima, Ruby Lion Tea 

Still Looking for a Loving Tea Gift? 

It’s about time to celebrate the best time of the year with your loved ones! Send your Galentine and/or Valentine the most unique gift of amazing teas from the Himalayas along with a handwritten quilling card. 

Our Nepal Tea Love Package will include a Lokta Card (with a personalized message written for you) and our Nepal Tea Sampler Collection!

Nishchal Banskota, Nepal Tea