T Ching’s New Year’s Tea Resolution

One of T Ching’s resolutions for 2021 is to focus more on the people who are building our global tea community. While we have all had to adjust to a very different reality and face questions about this new year, tea was one thing that reminded us that we (the Global, human, everyperson “we”) have a great deal that we share. Hundreds of stories about tea’s journey from the field to the cup remind us that we are not only connected but that our welfare is greatly benefited by nurturing this network – the people of this network!

If there is anything that the 5,000-year history of tea can do to comfort and encourage us to serve as a reminder that it has survived pandemics and politics and continues to inspire with health and beauty.

Do you have a tea resolution for 2021? 

Do you want one?

Here are some of the tea people who shared the International 2020 Virtual Tea Festival and now share their visions and goals for the next year.

“I’d like to learn about and collect more fine Eastern teaware – specifically, made from red and purple clay. This helps broaden my knowledge beyond Western tea sets!”

Leonard Nima, Owner, Ruby Lion Tea

Mana Organics resolves to include local hometown tea stories in issues of our company e-newsletter.  Summerville, SC. is my hometown, and the Bigelow tea plantation is nearby. So, I start this new hometown tradition. Tell us your hometown story with a photo & caption.”

“I resolve to see the art and beauty surrounding tea so I offer a January limerick.”

Georgie Rhein/Mana US Rep


I like to sit down with a mug

On cold days it feels like a hug.

It’s a ritual I never miss,

Assam tea’s like pure bliss.

If you sip to drink, and don’t chug!

“Learn one new thing about tea every day.”

– Judi Slack, Tea writer and Educator – The ABCs of Tea, A Tea Blog

“Travel to more tea regions, Nepal is next.” 

Agnieszka (Agnes) Rapacz, Tea Sommelier, TeaGschwendner

“Our tea resolution for 2021 is to be able to taste (and hopefully visit) as many new origins as possible. Furthermore, we are also creating a very special experimental tea in 2021. Stay tuned for that! :)”
Sharyn Johnson's first tea seed sprout.

“2020 has taught us to be patient, understanding and compassionate, I want to be more patient, more understanding and more compassionate in 2021. I would also like to spend more time in my garden and if possible manage to grow just one tea bush from a seed . This journey has already started with the birth of my first ever tea seed sprout. Most of all, my resolution will be not to take anything in life for granted ever again, to appreciate what we had and not try to replicate the past instead create a whole new exciting future.”

Sharyn Johnson, Australian Tea Masters

“My resolution is to drink less tea by spending more time with one at a given time, deepening my attention and appreciation of the leaves over the span of a couple of days.”

Marco Namowicz.  STEAP’D: Tea Blog and Community

“I will target small steps to support a small tea farmer to turn to organic.”

Tomoe Watanabe,  SONO ORGANIC

“Now that I’m offering immersion training retreats in Mexico, my resolution is to expand the awareness and appreciation of tea to the local people. And to improve my Spanish!”

Dan Robertson, International Tea Cuppers Club

“We are always enhancing our life of tea by planting thousands of tea seeds and plants on the farm here in Brookhaven, Mississippi. We will create a new tea for 2021 which we hope will be a win for Team ‘US Grown Tea.’ We will also keep reimagining ‘tea outside of the cup’ through The US Tea Experience. Upward and onward!”

Jason McDonald & Timothy Gipson   The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Tell us in the comments about your Resolution! Tea-related and otherwise.
Happy New Year’s from all of us here at T Ching!