In my (the editor, Jaelithe) part of my home state of Washington, we’ve been having little bits of snow here and there. As a result, all I can think about is lovely hot tea, chocolate, and fields of sparkling white. (Well, and snowboarding.)

Blooming on Snow Days

By Jennifer R. Cook
Throughout the winter, we bundle up and remain snugged tight for several months. Therefore, it only seems fitting to create a beautiful, warm sanctuary for the soul with blooming tea…(read more)

A winter wonderland of tea and chocolate

By Laura Logsdon
For the holidays this year, I decided to combine my two passions and make gunpowder green mint tea and dark chocolate truffles to give everyone I know an elegant holiday indulgence.  They so completely satisfied both the tea lover and the chocolate lover in me that I felt compelled to share the recipe…(read more)

Tea Treats For Snowy Days - Photo of a cup of tea in snow

Crèmes de la Crème

By Robert Wemischner
As we hunker down to the heart of winter (which nonetheless feels like spring in some parts of the country) my thoughts turn to simple desserts that can be gilded with a luxurious finishing touch—whipped cream flavored with tea…(read more)

Photo “Tee im Schnee” is copyright under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License to the photographer Rosmarie Voegtli and is being posted unaltered (source)