Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter is in full swing. Whether you are enjoying(?) temperatures in the 20’s (or below!) or in a more balmy clime, please enjoy these winter-themed articles.

The Winter Life of Tea

By Guy Munsch
As you sip a cup of tea watching the leaves slowly unfurl, steam warming your cheeks, consider the connection to grey skies, cold mountain winds, and frozen ground that you share with tea plants, dormant, conserving their energy, waiting for Spring…(read more)

T Ching Classics: Winter Tea - Photo of steaming cup of tea with a reindeer on it and antlers nearby

Kyobancha, the Winter Warmer

By Holly Helt
There’s nothing like the smell of a wood-burning open fire in the dead of winter to make you feel warm and cozy. But if you don’t have a real fireplace, there’s another way to snuggle up!…(read more)

Greek Mountain Tea – A Winter Favorite

By Guy Munsch
…when one finds a tea that is relatively unheard of – and has a pleasant taste, becoming an advocate for the tea becomes a natural extension of the discovery process. …Such was the case when we tried Greek Mountain Tea (ironwort or shepherd’s tea), a botanical tea made from the “Sideritis” family of plants…(read more)

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