With the stress and tumult of our current times, this week I decided to focus on happiness. We start with Holly’s explanation of why she started her tea company that includes some of the science behind how tea makes our brains happy. Next a piece about focusing on the small joys, such as green tea. A lighthearted but informative article about hibiscus tisane. And finishing with Ifang’s lament that she missed seeing the Endeavour when it returned to earth and her musings as to why they don’t drink tea on space shuttles. Please, enjoy!

A Happy, Healthy, and Creative New Year, Folks!

By Holly Helt
I’m often asked why I founded Chiki Tea. Well, it’s a very personal reason and one that I’m happy to share!…(read more)

The Happiness of Tea - Image with the text, "You can't buy happiness... but you can buy tea... & that's kind of the same thing!"

The Simple Joys of a Glass of Green Tea

By Derek Chew
Tea can be as complicated as you want it to be – what with its rituals and myriad details to handle. At the same time, it can be a simple delight…(read more)

The Healthy Happy Hibiscus

By Dharlene Marie Fahl
How can you resist something that steeps up to be so beautiful in colour?! However, Hibiscus is not just pretty – it’s pretty darn good for you, too!…(read more)

Tea on the Space Shuttle?

By Ifang Hsieh
During the previous two days, I had read up on the best locations to view Endeavour in the air.  Is it possible that too much research caused me to forget the scheduled flight entirely?…(read more)

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