Kombucha is ‘hot,’ but there’s another fermented tea you may have never heard of called Puerh.

If you have never had puerh tea, you’re in for a surprise. It is sometimes called ‘doubly fermented’ or ‘doubly oxidized’ tea because it goes through a microbial fermentation process which gives it its unique taste and properties.

Puerh has something called lovastatin, which doctors actually prescribe as a medication to patients for lowering cholesterol. Puerh has less caffeine than other tea as well.

Green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea….none has the same unique properties as puerh. Puerh can be pressed into cakes or other shapes and has two fermentation processes. One takes years to achieve and the other is accelerated.

Old puerh tea can be as valuable as rare wines, depending on a number of things including age and growing region.

Puerh can be brewed basically the same way as black tea. Some people believe it should be done for very short times and in multiple steepings, but we enjoy steeping puerh at 195F for 5 minutes in a strong infusion.