Recently, I ( Jaelithe, the Managing Editor ) was lamenting with some friends online about not being able to spend Christmas with family this year because of COVID. One friend was particularly distressed, as she didn’t know yet if she would have her kids for Christmas and was concerned that she would be lonely. I told her, “let me know. We can meet for tea. (Over video, of course!)” She was delighted at the idea. This exchange prompted this T Ching Classics topic: The way that tea brings us all together – during a pandemic, the holidays, and beyond.

We All Love Tea, We May Just See It Differently

By Diane Walden
If we’re here as contributors, readers or both, it’s most likely because we are fans of tea… But we all are passionate about tea in one way or another… Tea is the neutral in all of this.  It allows each of us to build on it whatever we choose to build…(read more)

Starting Two New Tea Groups

By John Bickel
I’ve started two new tea groups. Why, one might wonder? I started one Facebook version with a Chinese vendor a few years ago — International Tea Talk — and there are plenty of places to talk about tea beyond that (I’m even an admin for a second). In these cases it sort of just came up…(read more)

Adding a Family Tradition of Tea!

By Dharlene Marie Fahl
“Is it time for tea?” Or better yet, “Isn’t it time for tea?” Sadly, in the United States neither of these phrases seems to be predominate in our culture… I am rather amazed to discover that in most American homes you will find teaware that ranges from elaborate and expensive to simple and functional – but hardly anyone seems to put either to use…(read more)

T Ching Classics: Tea Bringing People Together - Image of two teacups side-by-side

Connecting People to People With Tea

By Dianna Harbin
Lately, I have been thinking about my devotion to tea…  I organized three social tea groups on – Los Angeles Tea, San Diego Tea, and San Francisco Tea. I have started promoting an annual worldwide event to honor tea, tea trade workers, and tea business…(read more)

Brought Together by Tea: A Tea Poem

By Dharlene Marie Fahl
Travellers – strangers – travelling a foreign land.
Find themselves connected – brought together by tea.
(read more)

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