Now that it’s December, the holiday baking season has truly begun. Even if this year’s social distancing requirements mean that you might need to cut your proportions or freeze dough/cookies for later, there’s no reason not to still enjoy baking up a storm of holiday cookies to go with your tea (morning, noon, or night!). Thus, today we are featuring one author’s favorite baked-goods recipes, a collection of links to entire lists of recipes, and of course a spice cookie recipe from Chef Wemischner. Please enjoy!

Winter Recipes to Go With Your Tea

By Sarah Linton
Some people say they won’t have tea without a bit of milk and sugar.  Others say that it’s best served without anything added.  Personally, I like my tea with baked goods on the side.  Here are three recipes I’d like to share, which I enjoy with a variety of teas…(read more)

A Holiday Tea Party

By Diane Walden
As a tea person, I’m always looking for things that go well with tea, especially desserts that work wonderfully with teas and herbals. And, I’ve found some real yummy-sounding ones recently I’ll share here. They all go beautifully with tea: One is gluten-free, and some are perfect for dunking—yes, dunking—like a biscotti, just made to go well with our favorite beverage…(read more)

Tea Melange, Anyone?

By Robert Wemischner
Which teas among the favorites in your tea cupboard would you like to blend?…In the meantime, here’s a recipe for a spicy molasses-sweetened cookie, a perfect accompaniment to your tea blending explorations…(read more)

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