As the holidays grow ever nearer, it’s not uncommon for the desire for rich desserts to increase as well. Here are some classic desserts improved by the addition of tea, and a suggestion for tea pairings with non-tea desserts.

Holiday Tea Desserts

By Robert Wemischner
How, I ask myself, can I capitalize on the flavor of that particular tea and include it in a dessert that pays many dividends of shared pleasure when I serve it at the end of a holiday meal? My mind turns easily to chocolate (whose doesn’t?), particularly if I have been enjoying a Keemun or chocolatey Assam. I am thinking of something decadent like a Buche de Noel (Yule log), those festive chic chocolatey logs of sponge cake filled with a creamy mousse and iced with a shiny chocolate glaze…(read more)

T Ching Classics: Decadent Holiday Tea Desserts - Photo of gingerbread people in tea cup

Tea: The transformative spice for holiday desserts

By Laura Logsdon
For Thanksgiving this year, I took my mom’s extremely easy and super-creamy flan recipe and added loose-leaf tea to flavor the milk.  I made Chai Pumpkin Flan and Earl Grey Grand Marnier Flan.  They were fantastic.  The tea was subtle, but definitely present in every bite.  The flans tasted more sophisticated and complex than the original recipe…(read more)

Holiday tea pairings (AKA visions of sugarplums)

By Maria Uspenski
…as new gourmet teas become available each year, and our creativity for new sweets continues to grow as well. Whereas last year’s post had me in a more “sage” state of mind (working on choosing THE perfect tea for your dessert as a finale to a HEALTHY meal), my figure and culinary lifestyle are both somewhat more forgiving this year…so, I’m going to focus on quantity rather than the single perfect pairing!…(read more)

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