Here at T Ching, we are proud to be featuring these delightful and informative videos by Diane Walden of Cal Teas. Here is an informative video about rooibos and how to brew it!

Rooibos is the super-herb from South Africa. (Learn more about Rooibos & see our many selections.)

Green Rooibos has up to 100 times the antioxidants of either oxidized Rooibos (red Rooibos) or green tea. The flavor of Rooibos is a mild, smooth profile, and green Rooibos is very delicate and neutral in the same way as green tea. This makes it a perfect combination with a number of other herbs; including mint, chamomile, citrus, berries, or other fruit. We even have Rooibos blends with chocolate.

Rooibos is grown in only one region of the world: South Africa, in the Capetown region. It is indigenous to this region and many South Africans use Rooibos not only as a delicious beverage, which they drink often with milk and sugar like tea, but also in costmetics, skin products, directly in their bath water to soften skin, or even for medicinal applications such as to relieve stomach upsets.