In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we thought we would feature three previous Thanksgiving Blessings from our founder, Michelle Rabin. Enjoy!

T Ching Classics: Thanksgiving Blessings - Photo of some autumn teacups on saucers.

Thanksgiving Blessings 2016

By Michelle Rabin
At this time of Thanksgiving however, let’s lift our cup of tea and focus our energies on our blessings. … We can begin with the simple cup of tea. Despite struggles around the world due to climate change, bigotry, war, or even inadequate wages for tea pickers, we have the pleasure of enjoying tea each and every day with countless options to satisfy even the most demanding among us…(read more)

Thanksgiving Blessings 2017

By Michelle Rabin
Rather than focus on the negative aspects, let’s consider looking forward toward a new era in the world. A world of peace. A world of cooperation. A world of honoring the differences rather than fearing them…(read more)

Thanksgiving Blessings 2018

By Michelle Rabin
Thanksgiving has always been my family’s favorite holiday. We have a tradition of going around the table and sharing what we’re especially thankful for. This has been a challenging year for those of us living in the U.S…(read more)

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