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Can we start something?

Could it be time to transform this day, “Black Friday” from a shopping frenzy to something more healthful and peaceful? Can we reclaim a season of gratitude for harvest bounty by sharing a bit of tea and tea talk? T Ching has been promoting the healthfulness of tea for 14 years. And this year we were sponsors of the 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival, much of which is available throughout the holiday season.

If you would like to help us create a full-on Black Tea Friday for 2021, please send your ideas to Babette Donaldson ( so that our tea loving community celebrate with this healthier alterntive.

While we may be frustrated with limitations on live gatherings and too much time on Zoom, one of the benefits for tea lovers is that much of the weekend festival is still available to enjoy at your leisure . . . like a long holiday weekend!

Discover hours of video, dozens of downloads and some great  wonderful new teas.

Festival Website

Create Your Own Black Tea Friday. . .Today!

So this is really just a shameless bit of word play. But, for those of us who aren’t planning to venture into the crowds and are looking for new and tea-ish, it is quite possible that you will find something fun at the 2020 Int’l Virtual Tea Festival website.

50 Vendor Pages – Explore the videos, downloads, show specials and gift ideas 

Free On-Demand Presentations (click on the schedule)

Purchase the “All Classes” Pass:  This package includes almost all of the classes offered at the International Virtual Tea Festival in recorded, video format. These will be available for you to access on your own schedule from November 12, 2020 through January 31, 2021.

Share some of your “Black Tea Friday” Ideas for us to organize as a new way to celebrate in 2021

  • Unique and unusual teas; Innovations on the farm
  • Blends with black tea
  • Cooking with black tea
  • New ways to brew and share black teas
  • Songs, poetry, art
  • Word Games for black tea (crossword puzzles)

Send your ideas to:

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Visit some of your favorite tea sellers & discover some new ones.

T Ching is proud to be one of the participating vendors and also one of the sponsors. We invite you to take full advantage of this opportunity – open until January 31st! You will certainly discover some new teas and something new about tea. 

Festival Vendor Page


The Tea House 

Int’l Tea Cuppers Club

Int’l Tea Sippers Society


Being Tea 

Bellasia Tea 

Cultivate Taste

Effie’s Homemade

Elite Designs KC

Emilie’s French Teas

Erika’s Tea Room

Fanchion K’s Tea Time 

Flying Plum Tree Studio

Glenburn Fine Tea 

Herbal Alchemy Teahouse 

Ion Teas 

Japanese Green Tea Co.

Liliku Green Tea 

Mana Organics 

Nepal Tea 


Plum Deluxe

Ruby Lion

Sally’s Parlor

Serene Tea Cha

Shang Tea

Simpson & Vail

Single Origin Tea 


Taste All The Teas 

Tea & Whimsey

Tea Cozy

Tea Journey

Tea Market

Tea Thoughts

TeaTime Magazine 

Tea Xotics 





The Communi-Tea

The Dragon’s Treasure

The Great Mississippi Tea Co.

The Tea Smith

Tillerman Tea