With everything going on in the world, the additional stress of, well, everything can cause any number of health issues: Including difficulty sleeping. Additionally, this weekend in the US we will be once again suffering from the effects of Daylight Savings as we “roll back” the clocks by one hour to return to Standard Time. Here we feature an article with a suggestion for how to ‘rest’ and then two that expound upon herbal tisanes that can help. Please enjoy these articles about tea and sleep, and we hope they will help you get a good night’s rest!

Sleep, rest, and the ritual of tea

By Erika Cilengir
During a recent weekday morning, I sluggishly climbed out of bed and started to putter around the room, going about my daily routine. “I am tired,” I complained half-heartedly to my husband, lacking the energy to expound any more on that statement. …there are times when the universe tells me in no uncertain terms that it is time to slow down and turn off the drive button. (read more)

T Ching Classics: Tea and Sleep - Photo of a mug on a nightstand next to a bed

Can’t sleep? Try valerian root tea!

By Rebecca Doverspike
Although today we understand that an individual’s insomnia may result from various causes, we still recognize valerian root – an herb native to Europe and parts of Asia – as a helpful treatment for inducing sleep without causing drowsiness the next day. (read more)

Tea at Night

By Jaelithe Crislip
A regular sufferer of insomnia, I have learned through experience that I can’t have caffeine within five hours of bedtime, else I’ll toss and turn for at least a couple hours. …A reasonable alternative is herbal tisanes. There are lots of options…(read more)

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