Since we’re all taking what precautions we can against catching viruses and illnesses already, here are some articles about some herbs that can also help with cold fighting. Please enjoy!

Dreading the cold season? Stock up on rose hip tea

By Kelley Gold
The cold season is almost here and many of us will be caught off-guard with sniffles, sore throats, and body aches. Why mess with that when you can sip yourself into a healthy state of being?…(read more)

T Ching Classics: Cold Fighting - A photo of a small teapot with a daisy in sticking out of the spout

Want a tastier beverage than Emergen-C for Vitamin C? Try Pine Needle Tea

By Rebecca Doverspike
Douglas Fir Needle Tea allows one to hold that forest scent in one’s hands and breathe it in over and over. It also has an incredible array of health benefits, with a high content of Vitamin C (one cup has more than 5 times the Vitamin C found in a lemon) and Vitamin A…(read more)

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