With October comes “pumpkin spice” and for many of us who prefer tea we oft instead indulge in a delightful spiced chai. Thus, here is a collection of previous posts celebrating chai. From discussing ingredients to health benefits and Ayurveda, please enjoy!

That illusive “perfect” chai latte

By Diane Walden
When I began putting together recipes for a retail concept, a “perfect” chai latte was high on the priority list. At the time, chai was “hot” and, as I began to sample various chai concentrates on the market, I became convinced that none of them was what I was looking for…(read more)

T Ching Classics: Chai

Adding spice to our lives

Dananjaya Silva
The word Chai is a Hindi word that funnily enough means tea. The cup of tea with spices that we have come to love and know, is the way many millions of Indians enjoy their cup of tea…(read more)

It’s the Spiciest Time of the Year!

By Diane Walden
Every year about this time, tea businesses start to pick up as spicy beverages signal the start of the holiday season that seems to last for months…(read more)

Chai Tea – Healthy Beverage or Guilty Pleasure?

By Michelle Rabin
Let’s take a look at spices and the role they place in a well-known tea we call Chai.  Chai is derived from a Sanskrit word which means “tea” in many countries around the world. One of the oldest healing systems in the world, dating back 5,000 years is Ayurveda…(read more)

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