It is convenience that drove humankind to many of the improvements we now take for granted.  Clean water is as easy as opening a valve.  Warmth – or chill – is remote-controlled. Got water, yeast, flour, and a bread machine?  The staff of life is at your fingertips.

It is hardly surprising that obesity is a threat for so many of us – since no one seems to haul their own water from the source, split and stack firewood, or knead dough into satiny loaves.  Every appliance and machine we use is more convenient – and a lot less strenuous – than The Old Fashioned Way.

Ready-to-Drink Tea Poised to Surge - Photo of a bottle of Numi organic bottled tea 'classic mint'

Depending on your perspective, the global pandemic has made us aware of the convenience we take for granted.  From grabbing a pizza to picking up the dry cleaning, the conspicuous consumption driven by our work lives looms large.  Consider the tea bag.  Easy as heating water, portable, no mess.  Even your authentic tea snob will deign to the bag when necessity calls.

Several years ago, the energy drink boom saw a corresponding spike in interest in ready-to-drink (RTD) iced tea.  One of the first was Snapple, with a variety of flavors and a load of sweetener.  Honest Tea recognized the need for iced tisanes and unsweetened tea.  Within a few years, soft drink companies were leading the field due to infrastructure in place and brand familiarity, but today we see Republic of Tea and Harney & Sons in the top ten.

As the infection and mortality rate from COVID continue to rise, there is a global focus on healthy lifestyle choices.  Increasingly, the notion that life will return to normal is fantasy.  According to a projection published just a few days ago, the global RTD market is expected to increase by almost 10 billion dollars by 2027.

More people drinking tea is a good thing.  Quality RTD tea is available and might encourage experimenting with whole leaf once consumers realize the cost of this convenience.  In the meantime, keep drinking the good stuff.

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