Current Event Statistics

Attendee Count: 1356 and counting (777 w/ swag boxes – final #)
Vendors, Booth Staff, Speakers & Guest Speakers: +137
Total Participants So Far: 1493
DAYS to Event: 16 (as of 10/21)

The 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival is just 2 weeks away! Many have registered but are frustrated to learn that all of the Swag Boxes and tea tasting classes are sold out.

But there is so much more!

As one of the major sponsors, T Ching would like to provide you with a list of some of the classes that are still available with General Admission. We are hosting our own booth and hope that you will come by to meet us and check out the downloads we will be offering. See the full schedule webpage here.

General Admission is Free. And it includes dozens of incredible educational and fun events. 

  • The entire Main Stage Schedule is available to all. We will be announcing the winners of our T Ching Annual Writers Contest & the Golden Ticket Winners 
  • All Virtual Vendor special events are included 
  • Many On Demand recorded classes are included. (Some instructors are requesting a low fee.)
  • You will receive updates about Vendor Show Specials. 
  • Many vendors are offering PDF downloads and contest entries.
2020 International Virtual Tea Festival – Educational and Entertainment Program

General Admission gives you access to the On Demand (pre-recorded classes) until January 31st.

Even though the Livestream classes and Vendor Zoom Rooms will be closed, a great deal of wonderful content will still be available. For example, some of the tea tastings will be recorded. You can watch and decide if you would like to order the tea and follow along with the demonstrations.

Livestream Lectures

(fees for classes vary)

  • A Day in the Live of a Tea Garden
  • A deeper Look Into China’s Teas 
  • A Study of Ceylon Black Tea Manufacture in Relation to Elevation in Sri Lanka 
  • Afternoon Tea: How Did This Eccentric Ritual Evolve & Why 
  • Blending In To Stand Out: An Exploration of Making Unique Tea Blends 
  • Candlelight Tea Meditation 
  • Cooking With Tea: How to Infuse Your Recipes
  • Discover Your Own Tea Blend 
  • Essentials of Tea Tasting 
  • Foundations of Professional Tea Cupping  (Lecture Only)
  • Hosting A themed Tea Party 
  • How To Enjoy Tamaryokucha (Lecture Only)
  • How We Experience The Flavor of Tea 
  • Introduction to Pu-erh Tea 
  • Oolong Tea Immersion 
  • Perfecting the Taste of Aged Pu-erh. This is an advanced class. 
  • Pu er Tea Immersion Lecture Only 
  • Tea & Scones With Friends 
  • The Perfect Tea Tasting Event 
  • The Real Skinny On Tea & Weight Loss

On-Demand Paid Classes

(fees for classes vary)

  • Baking With Tea 
  • Delicious Tea Lattes & Other Tea Based Beverages
  • Fun With Tea Aromas 
  • History of Tea: East & West 
  • Innovations in Tea 2020
  • Investing in Pu-erh
  • Multiple Infusions: Unlocking the Subtle Layers of Flavor in the Tea Leaf
  • Perfecting the Taste of Aged Pu-erh 
  • Perfectly Paired Scones & Tea Tasting 
  • Practicing Tea on a Budget 
  • Putting on an Inclusivi-Tea 
  • Teas vs. Herbs
  • Wagashi – Traditional Japanese Sweets

On-Demand Free Classes

  • Building a Tea Library 
  • Decoding Terroir: Exploring the Effects of Environment & Local Culture on Tea Flavor
  • Emotional Agili-Tea 
  • First Time Journeying into Pu-erh? 
  • Gong Fu Cha and Its’ 4 Golden Brewing Rules 
  • Herbs & Chakras
  • History of Tea In India
  • Hojicha
  • How to Create a Virtual Tea Event & Festival 
  • Innovations in Tea 2019
  • Introduction to Loose Leaf Teas
  • Malwatte Valley Tea Estate Virtual Tour 
  • Setting Up The Tea Lab: How to Evaluate Teas With Confidence
  • Taste of Africa 
  • Tea Champions – Bold Women Who Helped Transform the World of Tea 
  • Tea, Tea Rooms & Women’s Suffrage 
  • The Periodic Table of Talking Tea: A Useful Tool for Tea Education 
  • The Tea Towel & My Passion for Wood Blocks 
  • Teas of Assam 
  • Tea With Jane Austen 
  • Tour of Glenburn Tea Estate 
  • Types of Japanese Green Tea 
  • Unusual Teas from Unusual Places in the World 
  • Yerba Mate: The “Coffee” Tea

We’re especially proud of helping to bring you tea education and entertainment covering a broadly diverse range of tea topics. We’ve worked hard to invite teachers to speak on afternoon tea as well as focus on several different countries of origin.

Your support of T Ching & the International Tea Sippers Society makes it possible for us to support tea events like this and other tea festivals.
We sincerely hope that you join us!

Image provided by the 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival and used with permission