Meet Nami and Mike Thompson

For more than 20 years, Mike and Nami Thompson have been serving a community of tea lovers in downtown Sacramento, California. In the shadow of the state capitol and the heart of a robust art community, The Tea Cozy serves 125+ fine artisan teas, elegant tea education, and some fine teaware. Fitting comfortably into the art ambiance of the famous ARTHOUSE, they introduce unique one-of-a-kind ceramic art, traditional European wares, and fine Chinese wares.

Nami, Mike, and their team are inherent tea lovers. Originally inspired by the difficulty of finding quality tea, they opened up their own one-of-a-kind shop in the freight elevator space of the building. Over the span of 20 years, they have grown into the large front space across from the main art gallery. They have survived many challenging times: Starting before there was significant interest in tea, enduring financial crises that shut down many small retailers, and now the global pandemic. While some may say that the fundamental rule of running a successful business is “location, location, location,” the enduring success of The Tea Cozy may be “community, community, community” as they enjoy a loyal following of long-term customers.

The Tea Cozy, storefront, sign and display window.

The Tea Cozy Builds Community

Their community is looking forward to a return of classes and events when it is once again safe to gather. In the meantime, The Tea Cozy is participating in the 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival to continue to help bring value and education to tea lovers even during the current world situation.

Image is from the Tea Cozy website and used with permission

The Tea Cozy - Image with six photos of tea, tea wares, and a cafe.