Two years ago, I found my daily-use creamer for my morning tea in — of all places — my then-husband’s barn. It was dainty and cute, printed with flowers, and perfect for my needs. There were a number of boxes of various discarded items, so I was assured that it was fine for me to claim it as my own. Throughout the various tumultuous events of my life from that point, the creamer stayed with my grandmother’s teapot and was a part of my daily morning tea ritual.

Until it broke.

Apparently, one evening after rinsing it and placing it on my shelf in the shared kitchen of my current residence, it decided to make its own leap for freedom: Onto the floor. The next morning, I found it in pieces on the counter, as one of my housemates had found it shattered and picked up the scattered pieces. When viewing it, broken and in pieces, I had such mixed feelings. I had used it for a couple years at that point, and while I tend to become rather affectionate toward my regular-use belongings — especially teaware — I couldn’t help reflecting on the rather lackluster degree of emotion I felt toward it. It had no particular story beyond “ex-husband’s barn,” no history. It was a bit of an inconvenience, at best. And so began my haphazard quest for a new creamer.

The Creamer Quest - A photo of the broken creamer.

I decided not to try to glue it back together

I was delayed, however, by one of my housemates telling me in no uncertain terms that since my birthday was (at that point) only a month or so away, I was Not Permitted to purchase any teaware. I made use of a shot glass in lieu of proper creamer in the meantime, impatiently driven near-mad by curiosity to know what delightful teaware would be gifted to me.

The reality was, sadly, not what I had hoped. Since the COVID situation has caused a drastic decrease in income for many of my housemates, my Magical Tea Party Birthday was a beautiful event assembled of freely-gathered items. Freecycling and neighborhood free piles were the source of all the gorgeous pieces. The creamer that was acquired was perfect for a tea party… However it was a bit more than I needed for my daily tea use. Thus, the quest truly began in earnest.

The Creamer Quest - A photo of a rather large creamer.

This creamer was too big

The creamer quest - A photo of the thrift store creamer.

This creamer was too plain

I turned to my favorite avenue for new teaware: Thrift stores. It didn’t take too long before I found a delightful little creamer dish. It wasn’t The Perfect Creamer. But it would suffice, and I found it at my local Goodwill for a whole $3.

Only a couple days later, myself and a couple of my housemates forayed out, carefully masked, to go for a walk and poke through neighborhood free and discard piles. We happened upon a box that included — among other things — some lovely crystal pieces. I acquired for myself two bowls, a wine glass, and, wondrously, a creamer. It was love at first sight. And that is how I acquired my new daily creamer, with its own story of adventure and delight.

The Creamer Quest - A photo of my entire daily teaware, including the new creamer.

This creamer was just right!

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