With the current situations in the world, we thought we might revisit some of these previous posts featuring stress and the ways that tea can help!

The Stress-Relieving, Sleep-Inducing Power of Herbal Tea

By Lucy Wyndham
…stress can impact the amount of sleep you get in a night. Sleep and mental health go hand in hand, and getting a full night’s rest is beneficial for the mind and body. Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of stress in the U.S. is sleep deprivation. Tea, one of the most popular, long-standing drinks alongside water, has major health benefits in this regard…(read more)

Photo of a white ceramic teapot with the stress-handling advice: "Now panic and freak out."

How to De-stress in 5 Effective Ways

By Emma Lawson
Stress has become a new epidemic, and according to the American Psychological Association it contributes to the six leading causes of death: cancer, heart disease, suicide, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, and accidents. It can be hard to relax and de-stress when one of the main requirements for any job says “Must be able to work under pressure”. Fortunately, there are efficient and simple methods that can help you reduce stress and achieve inner calm…(read more)

Toxic stress

By Dharlene Marie Fahl
Chronic stress becomes toxic stress – and not just for adults! The belief that “children are resilient” is a misconception. Our children are suffering from stress and they are not as resilient as we believe them to be…(read more)

Stress, stress, and more stress!

By Dharlene Marie Fahl
What is the most stressful day of the week? What is the most stressful time of the year? How does stress affect the body? How do you relieve stress?…(read more)

Scientific evidence for relaxing effects of tea

By Jack Bukowski
In a new study on September 30 in the journal Psychopharmacology, Steptoe and his colleagues at University College in London have shown that drinking the equivalent of four cups of strong black tea for six weeks increases the rate of relaxation after a stressfull event…(read more)

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