Since school is back in session or will be soon ( albeit from home in most places ) we decided to feature these previous articles about children. Starting from a list of tea-related activities that can be done during a pandemic and concluding with a children’s book that features tea. Enjoy!

Photo of a small doll preparing for back to school by sitting at a doll-sized table with a doll-sized teapot.

Comfort in Ritual

By Regena Rafelson
As I write this, confirmed cases of the virus increase daily. The return to normal we desire looks to be several weeks or months away.  The tea community has an opportunity to turn the unpleasantness of uncertainty into a practice that is reassuring and reaffirming…(read more)

Brewing Loose Tea with a 20-Minute Breakfast

By John Bickel
I’ve been training for this!  Having young children isn’t just about spending free time playing with Legos, it’s about not sleeping all that much, and taking a break from your own meals to help someone else with theirs.  Related to all that my work-day breakfasts are short, but I’m still drinking loose tea, and here’s how to do that…(read more)

At What Age is it Safe to Give Your Child Tea?

By Regena Rafelson
Children are resilient little beings.  If you are a senior citizen like myself, you cringe when your thirty- or forty-something-year-old children tell you about the risks they took in childhood while you thought they were building character at summer camp…(read more)

The Tea Dragon Society

By Jaelithe Crislip
While researching a topic I was considering writing about, I (happily!) stumbled across a delightful short comic called “The Tea Dragon Society” by author and artist Katie O’Neill. As a lifelong comic fan as well as having a tiny (haha) interest in tea, I was intrigued. I read the entire comic in short order and was completely enchanted!…(read more)

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