Now that Autumn has officially begun (in the Northern Hemisphere), we thought we’d celebrate by featuring some recipes for delicious autumn baked treats! We hope you’ll try these goodies — ranging from sweet breads, muffins, vegan rye bread, to tea and honey baked apples — and let us know in the comments if you intend to!

Tea and cakes: Favorite fall recipes

By Rachel Linton
Everyone knows that tea is delicious with breakfast, especially on cold, rainy mornings when water streams down the window panes and cars make splashing sounds as they drive by…Although not all of my favorite fall recipes are just for breakfast, they do go perfectly with a black or Earl Grey tea…(read more)

The need for spice and warmth – fall baking and tea

By Susana Mojica
This fall in Milwaukee has been unseasonably warm. My fall vest is still in the closet, but the urge to bake is still strong and has led me to my collection of squash. There’s pumpkin pie, but that’s too predictable. So, I decided to experiment with butternut!…(read more)

Fall food + teas – It’s all about the flavor

By Tracy Monson
Squash is one of my favorite fall foods, and I love to pair its deep, sweet flavors with some of my favorite spicier oolongs, such as Rou Gui, Oriental Beauty, or a nice, malty, peppery black like Yunnan Goldtips…Below are a couple of my favorite vegan recipes for pairing with these teas in the fall…(read more)

T Ching Classics: Autumn Baking - A photo of a freshly-baked loaf of pumpkin bread on a wire table with some multicolor corn.

Apples, honey and oolong

By Robert Wemischner
As fall seems to begin, however reluctantly, with summer letting go of its furious grasp, nationwide, I am turning for inspiration to my local farmers markets. Apples in many shades, shapes and flavors are starting to appear and I am drawn to one of those picked-at-random teas, in this case oolong, to use as the basis for a poaching liquid for the fruit…(read more)

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