Here is a sample of some of the wonderful tea ice cream recipes we’ve posted over the years. They ended up all being written by Robert Wemischner, our celebrated writer who just so happens to also be an amazing pastry chef. Enjoy!

Iced But Not Liquid

By Robert Wemischner
Although when the mercury is heading down the thermometer, ice cream consumption surely wanes, I like to follow a cooling dish of tea ice cream with a warming cuppa and a crisp cookie, whether it’s tea time or not…Dairy and some kinds of tea are traditionally best friends so I offer here a way to combine them for deliciously cold and rich results…(read more)

Photo of a glass dish with a spoon and a scoop of delicious matcha ice cream

Smoke and Ice

By Robert Wemischner
Gearing up for summer, there’s more to tea than simply to ice it. I like it really cold and here you will discover one of the richest but relatively simple ways to enjoy tea in a semi-frozen state.  Enriched with dairy, eggs, and a bit of sugar—a semifreddo, a fancy Italian word for “half frozen” – it translates as delicious in any language!…(read more)

Clouds of Cream and Caffeine Contentment: Ice Cream and Tea Sauces

By Robert Wemischner
As summer continues to have its fevered grip late into September where I live (LA), my thoughts turn to ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and sometimes as the sole element of those meals). But tea, perfectly suitable to any kind of weather, has lately been my flavoring of choice to top those ragged scoops of ice cream…(read more)

Icy Tea and Creamy Ice Cream

By Robert Wemischner
Not veering too far from my allegiance to tea, either in beverage form or as an ingredient in a dessert, I have been making all kinds of tea ice, granitas if you will, as a topping for a condensed milk-based ice cream…(read more)

Time For Tea—Tea Ice Cream, That Is

By Robert Wemischner
Casting caution to the windswith the world going to hell in a handbasket or tea caddyand going to great pains to score some cream, milk, and marmalade (I recently made a few jars from the fruits of my backyard tree), I embarked on a process that’s a twin pleasure: The making and the eating of handmade ice cream…(read more)

Photo “Green tea ice cream” is copyright under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License to the photographer Jason Bagley and is being posted unaltered (source)