Since the Managing Editor’s birthday is this month, she decided to choose “Birthdays” as the theme for this week’s “T Ching Classics.” Thus, here is a sample of some of the wonderful birthday-related articles we’ve posted over the years. Enjoy!


By Global Tea Hut
On my birthday, shortly after raising my tea bowl toward the sky from the lush patio of my Kerala guest house, I received a wonderful gift in the form of an email from Wu De. … Now, a year later, I still vividly remember feeling immense joy and gratitude in response to that email…( read more )

Photo of a plate with the words "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate, with fruit arranged in the shape of a flower. Next to the plate sits a cup of tea.

A cup of tea to top off my birthday celebration

By Naja Hayward
Last month I celebrated my birthday. My 38-1/2 birthday, that is. My actual birthday is in June, but life got away from me over the last six months and I decided it was time to make it happen. … So last month I invited some of my favorite people to join me in one of my favorite pastimes – cooking and eating…( read more )

A birthday and a tea party

By Kristin Sloan
Earlier this month, I surprised my mom for her birthday by taking her to tea at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. … Before ordering our tea we were presented with a beautiful box full of little containers of tea leaves from which to make our selection. …( read more )

The 10 Best Tea Lover Items to Buy on Amazon Under $50

By Kei Nishida
Gadgets and gifts! We love gadgets and gifts.  And Japanese green tea lovers are no exception.  Many of my readers have asked for thoughtful ideas for gift giving.  And with graduations and holidays right around the corner, I thought it was time to offer up some great ideas. So, if you have a green tea and matcha lover, what could be better than some hand-picked tea lover items from Amazon…( read more )

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