Guest Contribution by: Ashley Fleischer

The power of tea never ceases to surprise! Well-known as the world’s first medicine, there’s no time like the present to keep it on call and working for the people who so passionately drink it; but why not give this versatile leaf a new task for a new era?

Beyond the soothing moments it creates with a mug in hand, tea’s benefits reach farther — even worldly — than from your insides out. Blending the naturally-occurring colours found in various leaves, its soothing aroma, and a gentle scrub from exfoliant of pure leaves – tea in soap creates calm and happy moments that lead to looking and feeling your best. Discover a #loveatfirstlather! Imagine feeling squeaky clean without the need for additional moisturizers for body, face, and hair. Just as you don’t add yucky chemicals to pure steeped tea, why is it that we’ve allowed companies to convince us that this is what our skin and hair craves?

Photo of a bar of tea soap and its box which has the fragrance name "Raise the Bar."

There is no doubt the world is different now than it was just a few months ago. So, it is timely that we take our beloved tea leaves and inspire deeper levels of connection, health, and healing into how we use them.

Photo of a bar of tea soap and its box which has the fragrance name "Soul of Tea."

Lesser-known purple tea, grown in the Kenyan highlands, sporting three times the amount of antioxidants (anthocyanin, polyphenol, and catechin) than its green cousins creates a treat for your skins’ health. Even as a wash-away product, you’ll notice a quick reversal of irritants with soothed, calm, and balanced skin; seeming younger and more radiant with use.

Over at Refresh Tea & Soap Co., when asked, “How do you take your tea?” The straightforward answer returned: “In a bar, of course.” There’s nothing like the multi-sensory experience of a soothing lather, natural tea-infused colourants, deeply familiar aromatic scents, and natural exfoliants you know and love rather than something harmful for the earth. This warming sensation combines to leave your skin and soul feeling fresh and renewed. Concerns for Covid-19 are quickly put to rest here, with a note that cold-processed artisan soaps naturally remove dirt and germs and don’t pass them between members of the family.

Photo of a bar of tea soap and its box which has the fragrance name "Pure and Pretty."

Reaching farther than the basins and baths of our growing community, the Company believes: you can’t take from a region without giving back, so it has positioned itself — out of its own origins of physical, emotional, and mental disease — to look wide, back to Africa where its teas and exotic oils originate. It wasn’t until 1976 that physical and mental wellbeing were added to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to expand people’s rights to social protection. Still, across Africa these rights largely remain unconsidered. It is the Company’s mission to bring light to this issue and support mental health program partners working tirelessly to improve conditions for individuals in developing countries.

Photo of a bar of tea soap and its box which has the fragrance name "Align-Mint."

It’s no wonder that the company’s bestselling soap is a tea and peppermint blended bar called Align-mint as its company ethos reaches far beyond the clean beauty market. Refresh Tea & Soap Co. aims to help fade scars, eliminate irritations, and protect families close to home and far beyond.

Take time for TLC: That’s tea, lather, and compassion!

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