Who Created This Tour? – About Arigato Food Tour

In fact, Arigato Food Tours has been providing all kinds of tours throughout various parts of Japan and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those curious about learning more about what Japan has to offer.

Arigato Food Tours has been featured by:

  • New York Times Travel Shows
  • U.S. News & World Report Travel Weekly
  • Travel with Darley (popular TV Show – do you know this show?)
  • Forbes and Newsweek
  • CNN Travel

My session of the Virtual tour was hosted by Lauren.

Lauren is one of the partners from Arigato Japan. From Pennsylvania, Lauren considers Japan her second or, perhaps, her first home. Having lived there for multiple decades, Lauren has a deep passion for Japan, its history, its culture, food, the world of Japanese tea, and sharing the world of Japan through her organization’s many offerings.

Graphic featuring a photo of Arigato Food Tours' guide Lauren and some biographical information about her

What is the Tour Like? – The First Look

This tour began with introductions and included individuals from the Czech Republic, Tokyo, and America. Immediately, I was connected with not only Lauren, but the presentation’s thesis: Online Green Teatime.

Everyone on the tour loves green tea or Japan in some way, so it was very nice to hang out with people with similar passions.

Lauren then moved to a short yet head-scratching quiz on tea. Without giving too much away, it will make most tea lovers dive into their knowledge of tea.

Of course, being on a tea tour, making tea is a critical element.

Artistic photograph of some Japanese tea cups, one containing a delightful-looking Japanese green tea and the other with the dregs of tea

Making of Japanese Green Tea, the “Better” Way

Her tour included the making of Japanese green tea, the “better” way.

She explained this so well in simple terms. My personal hero, Osamu Tezuka, once said “A great teacher is who can explain the complex matter in simple terms.” Lauren did just that during the tour. 

I happen to know a bit about this topic (green tea), but there was something new even to me, which I am thinking of writing a whole blog post about in the near future.  (Thank you, Lauren!)

Walking through each of the steps, each participant made a delicious cup of tea and reviewed it accordingly. As Lauren details the health benefits of tea, her passion for education shines.

Participants clearly enjoyed their cup of tea. Again, weaving through the experience of and the complexities of tea, the tour then moves to the history of tea, and what makes matcha unique and concludes with participant questions.

The tour felt like and was clearly an extension of Arigato Japan’s tours. There were a plethora of added benefits.

Graphic of Lauren and her bio from the Arigato Food Tours website

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