Virtual Japanese Green Tea Tour – What is it?

I was so excited to be one of the first people to join the Virtual Green Tea Tour, a new and magical tour offered by Arigato Japan that has been the pioneer for English-speaking Japanese tours for many years, featured by the New York Times Travel Shows, CNN Travel, and more.

With the rise of COVID-19, you can imagine the tough situation for the tourism industry; with this, a brand-new tour was born: A virtual green tea tour named “Tokyo Online: Green Teatime in Japan”.

In this article (and a bit of video), I want to share with you a small segment of the virtual tour, and my first-person experience of this brand-new experience hosted by Lauren, a partner of Arigato Japan, who has been an extraordinary tour guide for close to a decade. Read on and watch the amazing experience for any tea lovers and “Japan lovers” in the world.

Short Preview of the Tour

With permission from Arigato Japan, they allowed me to share a short clip of the actual tour.  This is only a short, one-minute clip — a small part of the video — so that you can see what it is like on the virtual tour. 

What Did I Learn From the Tour?

There are two elements in the world of tea that have helped drive a critical part of my love for tea: The experience of tea and the complexities of Japanese tea. Life is full of experiences.

When we explore the world of tea, for example, we see the labels, touch the products, smell the leaves, or perhaps try to understand what makes the tea stand out.

Perhaps, when we really think about our experience and tea, we have more questions than answers.

On the complexities of Japanese tea look no further than to these considerations:

  • Why is the year’s first batch of Japanese tea so important?
  • What makes it unique?
  • Why has Japanese culture developed specific brewing instructions for some specific teas?
  • The questions are seemingly endless.
  1. Provide experiences related to Japanese green tea.
  2. Simplify the beautiful world of Japanese green tea for easy enjoyment.
  3. Teach some tips on brewing better green tea at home.
  4. Provide an interactive experience of brewing and drinking tea together.

While their offerings are not limited to Japanese green tea, I want to spend the next few moments outlining a virtual tour on Japanese green tea that helps to synthesize their organization’s value.

A screen capture of the Arigato Food Tours webpage featuring Japanese green tea

This content was originally published on the blog and is being reprinted with permission