Here at T Ching, we’re focusing on our intention to shine a brighter spotlight on all our incredible writers. With that in mind, each month we pick one of our talented contributors to prominently display as our Featured Writer.

Regena is an articulate and skilled writer who has been writing for T Ching since January 2007 – and part of it since its inception!

Regena was also the editor of T Ching for two stints of 18 months each. She took particular delight any time she was able to also choose the accompanying photos for authors’ posts.

Regena says she is honored to be a T Ching contributor.

Regena Rafelson was born and raised in the Columbia River Gorge, where she still lives with her 90-year-old father, a whippet named Belle, and a black Manx named Patrick. Fifty pounds ago, Regena summited most of the Cascade volcanoes and was an avid backpacker, telemark skier, and mountain biker.  Now, she is content to hike the Gorge – where all the trails go up – one slow step at a time.

Regena’s tea journey began almost fifteen years ago after a diagnosis of heart disease.  She loves oolong and black tea.  During the last several years of her career as a high school English teacher, she served whole-leaf tea in her literature classes every Tuesday.  Still in contact with many of her former students, ALL remember Tea Tuesdays; few remember “The Crucible.”  There is a lesson there.