Here at T Ching, we are proud to begin featuring these delightful and informative videos by Diane Walden of Cal Teas. We decided to start from the beginning, so up next is this how-to on brewing green tea.

Research has shown the potential of green tea extracts/weight loss formulas to be damaging to your health because they are so highly concentrated (source). The best way to get your antioxidants from tea is to drink it! In this short video, learn how to brew green tea so it’s never bitter and absolutely delicious!

Who hasn’t seen the ads for tight-jeaned models weighing half of most of us who tout ‘detox’ or ‘diet’ tea? Recently, a company acknowledged they paid some well known celebrities who touted these.

Tea is only one part of a good and balanced lifestyle. Recently, a woman died from drinking a ‘tea’ from a herbalist, so the safest thing is always to ask your doctor about taking anything claiming to be ‘medicinal’ or effective for any health problem or weight loss.

Tea is a thousands-of-years-old beverage and there are so many options for enjoying tea. Green tea is one, but many people have found it bland or bitter. Usually, this is because they are drinking tea from bags which is not high quality, or they use water too hot when steeping it, or use water that is taste-tainted from the tap with chlorine. Pure, clean water, and the proper time and temperature are the keys for enjoying green tea!