Dear Readers, 

It is again time to nominate writers, educators, and businesses in the specialty tea industry for this year’s awards at World Tea Expo. Everyone who has a tea business or tea educational program is eligible to vote, and can do so here.

Below is the information sent by WTE so that you can prepare before you enter the online voting. T Ching and several of our writers have been honored to be nominated and also to have received awards in the past. 

We hope that you will enjoy being an advocate for your favorite tea people.

World Tea is accepting entries now through June 30, 2020 for the annual World Tea Best of Awards!

The 2020 awards feature 10 categories:

  • Best Tea Advocate: A person or company that represents Tea in a positive light by using a new approach or by lecturing about tea or using Tea in a meaningful way.
  • Best Tea Campaign: Something eye catching and unique. Branding ideas, marketing, ad campaign, fresh new ideas.
  • Best Tea Publication: Informative—Blogs, Newsletters, Website content.
  • Best Global Tea Excellence: Sustainability/social programs, processing innovations, labor condition improvements, etc.
  • Best Tea Product: Eco-friendly/creative. This would cover any teapots, tea infusers, blend development, design, etc.
  • Best Service Excellence Award: Presentation and service that promotes growth in consumer awareness & appreciation.
  • Best Tea Video Content: Best use of video media enhance tea and tea products.
  • Best Tea Startup: A shining example of how to do things right with a new tea business.
  • Best Tea Culinary/Craft Application: This category will highlight the best in craft and culinary, including food and beverage.
  • Best Tea Industry Innovation: A new innovation in a way that in any form that impacts the business of tea. Anything that has moved tea forward and increased its visibility in the beverage industry.

Nominations Close June 30, 2020
Anyone voting must be engaged in the Tea Industry in some form and be eligible to attend the World Tea Conference + Expo as a: Wholesaler, Retailer, Importer, Exporter, or Author or be able to identify within the industry.