With the stressors of life during times of personal and global turmoil, I suddenly realized that I never wrote about the Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading class that I took: All the way back in January!

Hosted by The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company in Portland, Oregon, the one-evening, single-session class “Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners” was taught by Amanda Mayther, an Herbalist and Educator ( see her website here ). When it is socially safe to do so, she also teaches or does sessions at The Love Potion in Vancouver, Washington ( a lovely little magic, gemstone, and perfume shop I have been known to frequent ); and The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company, Smith TeaMaker, and Cup of Tea in Portland, Oregon.

As a long-time reader of the tarot as well as a tea lover, I had always MEANT to get around to learning to read the leaves. However, the one description I had heard of the process seemed confusing so I decided that it didn’t seem like something I should attempt to teach myself. Thus, I tried to go into this class with absolutely no preconceptions and a mind open to learning a new art.

Wet tea leaves in the bottom of a teacup
Wet tea leaves in the bottom of the teacup after “throwing”

Teacup with tea leaves in the bottom roughly forming a shape
Does this look like a cat to you?

When I arrived ( almost late, eek! ) I was greeted by the sight of a small number of cheerfully chatting people, arranged along the outside of a semi-circle of tables, to better face the front of the “classroom,” with a sturdy white teacup and saucer and a handout at each place. I shyly found a space for myself, then observed everyone getting some tea from a table set up at the front of the room. I took my cup and saucer and got in line, and was greeted with the decision of a Darjeeling, a green, and an herbal – all generously provided by The Jasmine Pearl. I chose the Darjeeling and followed the example of everyone in front of me by putting a pinch( -ish ) of leaves in the bottom of my cup and poured the hot water over, then — even though it felt utterly bizarre to do while the leaves were still in the cup — added a drop of cream per my personal preference. I then returned to my seat.

Once I was seated with my cooling cup of tea, I quickly turned to perusing the handout in front of me and listening as Amanda began her introduction of herself and then asked us to go around and introduce ourselves. Of course I had to mention that I was the editor for a tea blog! I was surprised by the number of attendees that also utilized other forms of fortune-telling, such as oracle and tarot cards. Everyone was very friendly and maintained a positive and open-minded demeanor, and the class was very upbeat overall.

To be concluded in My Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading – Part 2

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