Here at T Ching, we are proud to begin featuring these delightful and informative videos by Diane Walden of Cal Teas. We decided to start from the beginning, so up next is this how-to on brewing loose oolong.

Most people have heard of oolong tea, but many don’t know what makes it oolong or how versatile it is! ( Learn more about oolongs at our website. )

All “true” tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbals come from a variety of plants. All true tea has caffeine (about 1/3 to 1/2 of the same amount of brewed coffee). Most herbals do not.

What makes types of tea different is the way they are processed and the variety/growing region, known as the terroir of their environment. White tea — generally speaking — is not oxidized, green tea is lightly oxidized but oxidation is stopped before it can oxidize as far as oolong, and finally, black tea has been allowed to fully oxidize. Puerh is called ‘doubly fermented’ or ‘doubly oxidized’ tea because it goes through a process of microbial fermentation/change.

All teas have their own unique qualities, taste, and characteristics. Many studies have been done on the medical potential or health benefits of tea, more studies on green than other teas to date.