The discovery in 2007 that green tea boosts the production of detoxifying enzymes is just one of many that have come to establish this beverage and leaf as an ally to human health and beauty. These days, health buffs are just as likely to sip on a cup of tea every day to boost skin health as they are to consume it to boost liver health. Green tea is also playing an important role in beauty, with skin- and hair-care companies alike relying on this ingredient to restore hair to a healthy, shiny state.

Green Tea As A Natural Hair Dye Component

Permanent hair dye and hair straighteners may increase one’s breast cancer risk, say the academics at the National Institutes of Health, so many men and women who regularly dye their hair are turning to natural alternatives. Vegan hair dyes are holding sway among trendy urbanites keen to harness the power of nature while protecting animals. One 2008 study has found that catechins in green tea, when oxidized, create quinones – the natural pigment contained in plants. Henna dye is made from quinones and is a popular choice for those after 100% natural color. As a sensitive ingredient, green tea is also far gentler on the scalp than chemical hair products.

Green Tea Can Promote Scalp Health

The scalp is similar to other areas of skin in that it absorbs the compounds (both natural and chemical) that we apply to it. One study undertaken at the Medical College of Georgia found that green tea polyphenols can promote skin health by stimulating even old skin cells to divide. This, in turn, improves the quality of skin. Green tea extract has also been found to promote skin health in another way: By helping to heal wounds. Its antioxidant compound makes it a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help heal and soothe the scalp.

Green Tea To Strengthen Hair

Green tea is rich in vitamins and nutrients – including panthenol/Vitamin B (which softens the hair and is used to prevent split ends) and antioxidants. Green tea also contains a unique amino acid called theanine, which works alongside Vitamin B to boost hair strength. Finally, its catechin content is said to help hair grow longer.

The Fragrance Of Green Tea

It is no wonder that there is an entire fragrance line built around green tea. It has a refreshing fragrance that works beautifully alongside citrus, aromatic, and spicy ingredients in everything from shampoo to hair masks. Green tea possesses a gentle yet earthy fragrance that can help lift the mood and enhance the sense of pampering that a hair care routine can imbue.

Green tea is one of the most nutritious beverages in the world, but it is also a popular ingredient in skincare, perfumes, and hair care products. Its rich antioxidant content helps it to fight free radicals and inflammation. Green tea is also rich in Vitamin B, known to boost hair quality. Finally, green tea has a lovely scent that blends beautifully with other popular fragrances obtained from citrus fruits, spices, and other ingredients.

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