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Originally Posted: June 2010

Tea and Positivity Therapy; Having Gratitude For Tea

In the field of Positive Psychology, the focus, as you can probably imagine, is more on building resilience through developing a positive outlook on, and appreciation for, your life, than on trying to uncover and resolve pathology. Two of the strategies that I use with patients is a gratitude journal and a gratitude letter. The gratitude letter is a letter that you write to someone who is important to you in some way. In it, you describe all the ways that he/she enriches your life. Then you go to his/her home and read it to him/her in person. It is a wonderful way to bring joy and appreciation into your life and share it with someone you care about. Today, I have decided to write a letter of gratitude to tea.

Dear Camellia,

It’s hard to know just where to begin to express how important you have been in my life. When I first met you, I thought you would be just a casual acquaintance to me. To my great surprise and delight, you have become one of my closest companions. You are always there for me, wherever I go. You have always been there to comfort me and help me through trying times. I love that you are so steadfast in your ability to help create moments of peace for me no matter what I am doing or how I am feeling. I can always count on you to have a calming influence over me and gently guide me to stop and be present, if even just for a moment.

I appreciate how much you encourage me to use all of my senses when interacting with you. As a result, I can now hear and see when your water is just right, without a thermometer. I am enraptured by how you immerse my senses of smell and taste in your aromas and flavors so I become fully connected in those moments with my experience. I am continually grateful for the myriad opportunities to grow with you as I encounter new places and learn new things.

You take me to wonderfully exotic lands where I get to experience so many of your vast personalities and meet so many wonderful people and establish new friendships. I love that you help bring out the social part of me and encourage me to reach out to others to share and teach and learn. I am awed that I can sit down with you to share a very quiet personal experience one moment and enjoy sharing with you in a raucous party atmosphere the next.

You provide me with warmth when I am cold and cool relief when I am overheated. I know I can always count on you to help me improve my health in so many different ways. It is a wonder to me that after close to 5,000 years of selfless and open sharing of yourself, there is still so much to learn about you and benefit from you.

It is with deep respect and appreciation that I thank you for being in my life. You are a part of me now and I will always be eternally grateful for that day we met so many years ago.

Green Tea: Healing And Serenity In A Cup - Photo of young tea leaves in sunlight

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