Here at T Ching, we’re focusing on our intention to shine a brighter spotlight on all our incredible writers. With that in mind, each month we pick one of our talented contributors to prominently display as our Featured Writer.

John is a prolific and talented writer who has been a regular contributor to T Ching since November 2015.

John has been active on social media for a long time, related to tea. A Facebook group he co-founded now has 10,700 members, and he’s been the most active participant for years. He talks about tea in other groups, on Reddit, his own blog, and a Quora space. He has found that doing so fills his need for an outlet for writing and social contact outside of home life, friends, and his career.

John started writing the Tea in the Ancient World blog in 2013. Currently working in IT (data center quality assurance management), living in Bangkok, Thailand for 12 years, previously in PA, TX, MD, CO, and HI.  Travel interest has related to visiting most East and Southeast Asian countries.  Founder of the Specialty Tea Quora Space, and co-founder of the International Tea Talk Facebook group. Current tea preference centers on sheng pu’er but includes lots of other range.