With the wealth of valuable knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, we feel that some previous posts are worth sharing again. Thus, Fridays are “Blast From the Past” – where we choose a T Ching post from this month but a previous year that we feel is worth another read and breathe new life into it. Enjoy!

Originally Posted: May 2007
Contributor: Michelle Rabin

Tea has the blessing of all deities

Tea promotes filial piety

Tea drives away all evil spirits

Tea banishes drowsiness

Tea keeps the five internal organs in harmony

Tea wards off disease

Tea strengthens frienship

Tea disciplines body and mind

Tea destroys the passions

Tea grants a peaceful death

~ Attributed to Japanese Buddhist priest Myoe (1173-1232)

Image “Semuiji Myoue” is copyright under Public Domain License to the artist Enichibō Jōnin and is being posted unaltered (source)