Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, I began doing daily live videos on Facebook as I started to miss my daily tea-drinking sessions in my tea room in Las Vegas. The experience was awkward at first, but over time I started to realize that it was a delightful experience for my online tea friends that looked forward to connecting with other, new tea friends online – recreating the tea time that we usually enjoy in person. This inspired me to instigate the co-creation of the –

Virtual Tea Festival

Within a matter of two days there was a list of 20 presenters from six countries putting together 10-to-20-minute live presentations, and I was learning new design and live broadcasting software to host the event – TODAY:

 April 9, 2020 11AM-4PM PDT

We plan to livestream on Facebook and encourage tea lovers to not only enjoy the presentations and interaction with new tea friends, but to invite their existing tea friends to join the fun.

We are hosting several tea lectures on various subjects such as:

  • Regenerative Tea Systems From Indians, tea farmer Suresh Nanjan
  • Scottish Whiskey and Tea, Jon Cooper in Scotland
  • History and Culture of Mate, Dani Lieuthier of Brazil
  • Teatime With Children, Ashley Haywood in Florida
  • Tea for Inner Peace, Ashish Turnnessen of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Tea and Wine Culture, Gabriel Lukeris of Bellingham, Washington
  • Mental Health and Tea, Leo Nima of Los Angeles, California
  • Tea Anthology, Steve Odell of Portland, Oregon
  • Tea MixologyAdirenne Etkin-Nascimento of Miami, Florida
  • Tea Spaces, So Han Fan
  • Modern Living the Tradition of Tea, Mike Newton of San Francisco, California
  • Korean Green Teas, Soo Chung of Melbourne, Australia
  • Tea and Digital Wellness, Adam Yasmin of Los Angeles, California
  • Matcha Production Systems, Japanese tea farmer Kunikazu Mochitani

In addition, we will:

  • Invite tea art to be shared by Priscila Vazquez-Ruilova, who will present a Japanese tea ceremony from Ecuador
  • Michael O’Brien of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who will be presenting some fun and lighthearted tea commercials
  • Spacey Blurr from Las Vegas, Nevada who will be sharing livestream tea visuals and music
  • Jonathan Steele of Eugene, Oregon who will be sharing a clay teapot-making demo

Finally — and most excitingly — we will create a multi-theme series of interactive Zoom rooms called Tead Talks where many of the presenters will be hosting live tea-drinking sessions with the public to meet and talk about tea. This will be a great chance to meet new tea friends from all over the world! These are connections that we hope you will keep far into the future until such time where you can sit to drink tea together in real life.

Please join the Virtual Tea Festival on Thursday April 9, 2020 11AM-4PM which will be streaming on Facebook. You may register for free to be updated on the event and keep up with all the details of the event where it will also be streamed on its website.

Images provided and copyright held by author