Recycling in America is up by an impressive 35%, and this includes the paper cups that you get in most stores that serve drinks. Customers are becoming more aware of the amount of waste that they are responsible for. Rather than taking away disposable drinks cups, they are looking for alternative ways of transporting their tea. From travel mugs to Thermos flasks, you can always have a delicious brew, no matter where you are.

Travel Mugs For Hot Tea 

A travel mug is a simple solution for taking your tea on the road with you. They are only suitable for adults though, and shouldn’t be used to give hot drinks to children and infants. If you are traveling with children and want to give them a hot drink, make sure that you pull over and supervise the drink — don’t compromise their safety because you want to get somewhere quickly. Travel mugs work in two different ways: Firstly, they insulate the liquid inside in a vacuum so that it doesn’t get cold. Secondly, they try to counteract conduction by using materials that retain heat. This is why stainless steel is commonly used for the outside of travel mugs. When you are choosing your travel mug, choose one that has a spill-proof lid and a silicone base that will stop your mug from sliding around.

Auto-Heated Mugs

Do you want your tea to stay perfectly warm for a long journey? Then an auto-heated mug is an ideal option. These come with an in-car charger that can be plugged straight into your vehicle and will heat the mug as long as the engine is switched on. You need to take care, however, not to leave the mug plugged in if it is empty. You will also need to take extra care not to spill any liquid on to the charger. When you are cleaning your mug, make sure that you detach it completely from the charging cables.

Don’t Forget the Iced Tea

Iced tea is perfect for a long journey or road trip on a hot summer’s day. A travel mug or Thermos flask will help to keep this cool for a few hours. You can also freeze your tea in a bottle, so that it defrosts slowly throughout the journey – a delicious treat. Another great way of keeping your iced tea cool is to put a 12v icebox in the trunk of your car – these run off your engine and will keep your drinks cool for hours, even if you aren’t moving. If you are traveling with little ones, make them a peach iced-tea popsicle to eat on the journey. It is a refreshing snack that is healthy and doesn’t contain any sugar.

Tea doesn’t have to always be drunk formally, sitting at the table with your best china tea set. There are plenty of ways to travel with your tea, so that you can enjoy a brew wherever you are in the world.

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