According to recent studies, 44% of Americans find themselves unable to be optimistic about the future. In today’s rapidly changing world, sometimes it feels like we can’t even trust the weatherman to predict what tomorrow holds. If you’re facing the unknown, maybe it’s time to look to your teacup. The art of tasseography, or reading tea leaves, has been around since the 18th century. While it may seem unbelievable, tea readings still represent an immense source of comfort and guidance for many people. Try it out for yourself. You may be surprised at what you get from your reading. 

Check Into Your Spirituality

Before you begin your reading, you’ll want to make sure you have an open heart and mind. You might hold some reservations about whether or not this will actually “work.” Try to let go of any judgments or noisy thoughts. Experimenting with spirituality and psychic practices requires tapping into your inner energy and a meditative sense of focus. Visiting a psychic is an act of healing and an opportunity to face questions inside yourself that you may not have had the power to confront before. Similarly, tasseography allows you a therapeutic new perspective on whatever may be bothering you. Release that naysayer inside of you, and you’re likely to gain more from your reading. 

Choose an area of your life that you’re curious about, such as professional growth or love and relationships. Find a question that has been weighing on you, but avoid yes or no questions. You may not find definitive answers in your tea leaves, but they might surprise you with the guidance that they hold. Again, it’s best to stay open and positive, as you never know what ideas and emotions the images in the leaves may hold for you.

Brew Your Favorite Cup

Select your favorite loose leaf tea (regular black tea tends to work best) with larger leaves. Place some in your tea cup, but don’t worry about leaving it to steep. As you sip, remember your question, and keep drinking until there is only a little liquid left. Then, swirl your cup a few times and carefully flip it over onto a table or saucer. Leave it for one minute, rotate it three times, and then flip it back up, making sure the handle is facing south.

Read The Leaves 

Trust your instincts. There is no “correct” way to read tea leaves, and whatever symbols or patterns jump out to you first are usually the most powerful. Take a full minute to observe, without making any judgments about what you see. How do these shapes make you feel? What do they remind you of? Continue to breathe deeply and regularly, and take in information without drawing any conclusions just yet.

Next, you can start to make some bigger connections. Do you see any recognizable shapes, animals, letters, or other symbols in your cup? Again, there is no right answer here, and it can be fun to let your mind run wild with imaginative ideas about what you see. Once you identify something, research online to determine the meaning associated with that shape. Some age-old resources have lists of common symbols and their meanings. Seeing a figure of a man, for example, may indicate a new visitor coming into your life. Flowers can suggest good fortune and success. Have fun connecting those meanings back to your original question. Get creative about the truth and wisdom you might be able to draw out of all these interpretations. 

While tea-reading certainly has its share of skeptics, it can be a great way to reconnect with your inner energy and wisdom. Try your hand at the centuries-old art of tasseography, and let your tea leaves guide you to a new perspective.

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