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Originally Posted: April 2012

I have been obsessed with matcha for quite some time. I think it is one of the most fabulous things on the planet. Lately though, I have refined my obsession to that of perfecting my matcha latte. I just bought some new matcha from Teavana to experiment with.

I don’t normally drink cow’s milk, and using almond milk is always challenging for me, in particular, getting it to the perfect temperature for lattes. It usually develops a thick film on top when heated. I’ve thought about switching to soy milk, but didn’t want to give up on my lovely almond milk that I adore so much. Another challenge has been my lack of a bamboo whisk. I’ve been reluctant to purchase one, but I’m quickly realizing its importance. I’ve also seen the brilliant idea of using an electric frother to blend the matcha powder.  I will probably end up purchasing both.

As I made my matcha latte today, I tried something different. Instead of rushing in the morning before work and hardly putting any effort into mixing the matcha well, I took my time. It’s interesting how taking your time and doing things with thought really change the end result. I have vowed to get up 15 minutes earlier every morning so I can take my time and enjoy making my morning tea.

Turns out taking my time and being thoughtful worked out! This was the best matcha latte I’ve made yet! I have to give some credit to the mini whisk that I found tucked away in our silverware drawer. It saved my latte!

Here is what I did, step by step:

  1. I heated up some water in my tea kettle. I didn’t let the water come to a boil and after heating it, I let it cool down a little bit. I’ve found that when making my matcha, it is better when I let the water cool down a little.
  2. While the water was heating, I put about ¾ cup of almond milk on the stove and warmed it up on low. I didn’t let it get to the point of boiling because that is when it develops a film on top. This worked perfectly!
  3. I measured about a teaspoon of matcha powder and put in my mug. I then added about ¼ cup of my heated water and whisked it rapidly for about a minute.
  4. I then poured the almond milk into the matcha mixture and whisked rapidly for about 30 seconds.
  5. Finally, I added a bit of stevia to taste.

Voila!  I’d love to hear if anyone tries this. I thoroughly enjoy it and I hope it brings some happiness into your morning or afternoon!

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