We’re going back into the archives to revisit these classic posts by James Norwood Pratt. This post includes “English and Other Breakfast Teas”, “Earl Grey and Other Famous Names”, and “More on Earl Grey and Other Famous Names”. We have added a link to the end of each one to take you to the next if you would like to read them as a sequence, or you can choose which you want to peruse below. Enjoy!

English and Other Breakfast Teas

As a name, English Breakfast is as meaningless as California Burgundy and a good deal of nonsense goes into trying to make it otherwise.  It simply consists of…(Read more)

Earl Grey and Other Famous Names

Earl Grey sounds like the name of an Appalachian stock-car driver, but the tea is so-called after an Englishman whose given name was…(Read more)

More on Earl Grey and Other Famous Names

To me the abiding mystery about Earl Grey tea is – why on earth is it so popular?  It seems like a nice enough tea, one which has its place and gives its pleasure too, but…(Read more)

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