We’re going back into the archives to revisit these classic posts by James Norwood Pratt. This post starts the teas of Sri Lanka and includes “Sri Lanka (Ceylon)”, “Dimbulla”, and “Nuwara Eliya”. We have added a link to the end of each one to take you to the next if you would like to read them as a sequence, or you can choose which you want to peruse below. Enjoy!

Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Small, green and fertile, Sri Lanka is about the size of the Republic of Ireland and over half a million of its acres grow tea, which is the very juice and sap of its economy.  This acreage makes Sri Lanka…(Read more)


This western highlands district has perhaps the most famous name in Ceylon tea.  Its best teas are made from…(Read more)

Nuwara Eliya

Higher up the slopes of Mt. Pedro from Dimbulla are the gardens of Nuwara Eliya, some of the highest altitudes in Sri Lanka (and the tea-growing world).  These are said to produce…(Read more)

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