At present, nearly 50% of Americans are married, resulting in a huge number of wedding anniversaries being celebrated in the country every year. Apart from every year of marriage being a milestone worth celebrating, the celebrations also give couples the opportunity to reconnect with one another. Since everyone typically makes a big deal of milestone anniversaries, the years in between can often be rather neglected.  Thankfully, there is a range of tea-inspired gifts that will make every anniversary feel special.

The First Years of Marriage Go By So Fast

The first few years of marriage typically fly past as couples continue to adjust to one another. This is also a period during which tea lovers in particular can be spoiled with an array of wonderful, traditional anniversary gifts. Cotton is the traditional gift for your second anniversary, making a selection of beautifully-embroidered cotton tea towels a great gift idea. When you have been married for six years, gifts made from iron are typically exchanged. A Japanese Antique Blue Bamboo Chinese cast iron teapot is designed to retain heat for longer and will definitely make any tea-lover feel loved and appreciated. On your eighth anniversary, consider seeking out a bronze tea caddy as a present while on your ninth you can gift your partner with a beautiful handmade pottery tea set.

A Decade of Marriage is a Big Milestone

Your tenth anniversary is the first true ‘big one’ and is symbolized by tin. This is an easy one for tea lovers as there are countless gorgeous tea tins in countless shapes and sizes to choose from. Fill a pretty tin with a few tea-related trinkets and you have a gift fit for a true tea-loving king or queen. As your thirteenth anniversary is represented by lace, you can definitely consider getting your hands on a modern or vintage tea cosy or set of doilies. Crystal is the gift of choice for couples who have been married for fifteen years.  A crystal tea infuser is perfect for brewing loose-leaf tea and will be a welcome addition to a tea lover’s collection.

Anything After 20 Years is Considered “Smooth Sailing”

Once you have passed your twentieth wedding anniversary things are said to become smooth-sailing. China is the traditional theme for a twentieth anniversary and this is another easy one for tea lovers. Fine China tea sets make for great collector’s items and will signify to your loved one just how much they mean to you. On your fortieth, forty-fifth, and fifty-fifth anniversaries you will give gifts of ruby, sapphire, and emerald respectively — which may be somewhat tricky if you want to stick to a ‘tea’ theme. Luckily all hope is not lost, as you can always opt for a delicate tea-inspired jewelry piece such as a ruby-encrusted Pandora bracelet or a set of plated gold antique teaspoons with emerald-green handles.

While some anniversaries do not have traditional gifts per se, there are modern options for couples who like to stick to a specific theme. At the end of the day, your anniversary is not about the gift you give your partner, but rather the continuous love and adoration you bestow upon them.

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